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see in Publications: more publications for free downloading.
Publications on thermodynamics and experimental on sulfur systems.
Reports on E-pH diagrams for Fe-H2O and Fe-Cl-H2O up to 300°C.
Reports on AC induced corrosion.


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Free publications:

Dissemination of informations is an important aim of CEBELCOR : it is an ambition of this site to provide free access to all the publications of CEBELCOR.
Currently, the most recent Rapports techniques de CEBELCOR are available for donwloading. See the section publications, select and click.

More and more reports will be downloadable in the near future. If there is a special interest for a given report, please inform us by e-mail (see contacts).

Recently, a number of studies on sulfide-containing environments have been made available on this site : E-pH equilibrium diagrams for the systems S-H2O, Fe-S-H2O and Fe-Cr-S-H2O, some at higher temperatures, experimental studies, industrial corrosion cases etc. Some reports deal with the mechanisms of localised corrosion of C-steel and Cr-stainless steel in H2S enviroments. These mechanisms are specific because of the absence of oxygen.
See publications and sulfide.

Available now for free downloading are two reports on potential-pH equilibrium diagrams for important systems at temperatures up to 300°C: for the Fe-H2O system and for the Fe-Cl-H2O system. These diagrams were prepared by YANG Xi-Zhen, who carefully reviewed the best thermodynamic data. These diagrams are highly trustable.

See under publications and books and various publications.

Research coordination and strategy

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Currently CEBELCOR is engaged in the development of research strategies for specific problems, in the coordination of joint research, in surveys and analyses of state of the art etc.

CEBELCOR - More than 60 years experience

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CEBELCOR was founded in 1951 with the aim of combating corrosion by all means.

The major productions of CEBELCOR, as fundamental research, applied research and industrial applications are summarised in section Activities.

The list of publications of CEBELCOR in under Publications, and some of these publications can be downloaded there. You may visit this section regularly, as more publications will be available for downloading in the future.

Marcel  Pourbaix (Milano 1948)
Marcel Pourbaix (Milano 1948)
  The CEBELCOR Team (2000)
The CEBELCOR Team (2000)
  Marcel Pourbaix and his colleagues, 1994
Marcel Pourbaix and his colleagues, 1994