Edit 7

Nuclear wastes. Analysis of corrosion problems for the storage of high activity nuclear wastes: C-steel in concrete and clay, stainless steel in con... >>> More

Cathodic protection

        Edit 9

Measurement of the true (ohmic drop-free) electrode potential (Correal system). Detection of stray currents. Moderate cathodic protection (MCP) o... >>> More

Atmospheric corrosion

        Edit 50

Accelerated wet and dry test method, mechanisms, weathering steels, experimental results, kinetics.

Oil and gas industry

        Edit 10

Corrosion in a natural gas storage plant. Moderate cathodic protection of 13 Cr steel and duplex stainless steels without hydrogen damage. Thermod... >>> More


        Edit 5

Filiform corrosion. Edge creep corrosion. >>> More

Corrosion in concrete

        Edit 12

Electrochemical monitoring of corrosion of steel in concrete. Corrosion monitoring in the Channel Tunnel. Cathodic protection of steel in concrete... >>> More

Automotive industry

        Edit 6

Cycled tests (wet and dry) for the automotive industry. Development of corrosion testing methods for exhaust systems, for brake systems. >>> More

Corrosion monitoring

        Edit 4

Correal system for measuring true potential (without ohmic drop error) in situ. Correac systems for detection and assessment of AC influenced corr... >>> More

Surface technology

        Edit 8

Pickling and passivation treatments to decrease the effects of inclusions on pitting. Pickling and passivation without halides, for the nuclear industry. >>> More

Corrosion prevention

        Edit 3

Moderate cathodic protection (prevention of localised corrosion). Criteria for cathodic protection of steel in concrete. Water treatments for cool... >>> More

Steel industry

        Edit 11

Influence of inclusions on initiation of pitting corrosion. Weathering steels. Moderate cathodic protection of supermartensitic steel flowlines. ... >>> More

Chemical industry

        Edit 13

Rapid testing for material selection. Water treatments for closed cooling circuits. Design and surveillance.

Analyses of corrosion cases

        Edit 14

Sheet-piling corrosion, corrosion in selective diffusion process for the enrichment of uranium, corrosion in water distribution systems (copper, gal... >>> More