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CEBELCOR was founded in 1951 with the aim of combating corrosion by all means.
The major productions of CEBELCOR, as fundamental research, applied research and industrial applications are summarised in section Activities.
The list of publications of CEBELCOR is under Publications, and some of these publications can be downloaded there. You may visit this section regularly, as more publications will be available for downloading in the future.

Marcel Pourbaix

Marcel Pourbaix (Milano 1948)

Marcel Pourbaix

Marcel Pourbaix and his colleagues (1994)


The CEBELCOR Team (2000)



Nuclear wastes. Analysis of corrosion problems for the storage of high activity nuclear wastes: C-steel in concrete and clay, stainless steel in concrete, bentonite and clay.
Copper in bentonite and granite formations.
Municipal wastes: corrosion of superheaters in municipal waste incinerators.

Cathodic protection

Measurement of the true (ohmic drop-free) electrode potential (Correal system).
Detection of stray currents.
Moderate cathodic protection (MCP) of passive materials.
Cathodic protection of steel in concrete: criteria and surveillance.
AC induced corrosion. The Correac system to measure true peak potentials under AC.
Corrosion under disbonded coatings, under cathodic protection.

Atmospheric corrosion

Accelerated wet and dry test method, mechanisms, weathering steels, experimental results, kinetics.

Oil and gas industry

Corrosion in a natural gas storage plant.
Moderate cathodic protection of 13 Cr steel and duplex stainless steels without hydrogen damage.
Thermodynamics of the metal-S-H2O system.
Mechanisms of localised corrosion in H2S environment.


Filiform corrosion.
Edge creep corrosion.

Corrosion in concrete

Electrochemical monitoring of corrosion of steel in concrete.
Corrosion monitoring in the Channel Tunnel.
Cathodic protection of steel in concrete: criteria and measuring techniques.
Assessment of corrosivity of concrete.

Automotive industry

Cycled tests (wet and dry) for the automotive industry.
Development of corrosion testing methods for exhaust systems, for brake systems

Corrosion monitoring

Correal system for measuring true potential (without ohmic drop error) in situ.
Correac systems for detection and assessment of AC influenced corrosion.
Measurement of the true potential in concrete as a criterion for cathodic protection.
Corrosion monitoring of rebar in concrete (Channel Tunnel).
Surveillance of a natural gas storage plant.
Monitoring crevice corrosion in food industries.
Susceptibility of copper pipes to pitting.

Surface technology

Pickling and passivation treatments to decrease the effects of inclusions on pitting.
Pickling and passivation without halides, for the nuclear industry.

Corrosion prevention

Moderate cathodic protection (prevention of localised corrosion).
Criteria for cathodic protection of steel in concrete.
Water treatments for cooling circuits with different metals.
Design optimisation to avoid corrosion in hydrostatic sterilisers.

Steel industry

Influence of inclusions on initiation of pitting corrosion.
Weathering steels.
Moderate cathodic protection of supermartensitic steel flowlines.
Substitutes for chromium in stainless steels.
Role of tungsten and molybdenum on resistance to localised corrosion.

Chemical industry

Rapid testing for material selection.
Water treatments for closed cooling circuits.
Design and surveillance.

Analyses of corrosion cases

Sheet-piling corrosion, corrosion in selective diffusion process for the enrichment of uranium, corrosion in water distribution systems (copper, galvanised steel), corrosion of buried pipelines under disbonded coating, denting in nuclear reactors.

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Marcel Pourbaix

Marcel Pourbaix
"I found much pleasure and friendship working together with you and your colleagues", a greeting card presented by Marcel Pourbaix the year he died, in 1998. - Wikipedia

Jaroslav Heyrovsky

Jaroslav Heyrovsky (1890-1967)
Inventor of the polarograph, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, here with Mrs. Heyrovsky in 1966.

Cebelcor 1961

One of the early potentiostat, Cebelcor 1961
Home made, incredibly fast and accurate, but the electronician had to be at hand, to check the electron tubes (ECC83, PL36 etc.).


Here, preparing lecture, in Braine-le Château, 1968

Dr. Venice Gouda

Dr. Venice Gouda
1966, Egypt. Marcel Pourbaix and Venice Gouda. At that time a distinguished electrochemist, Dr. Venice Gouda became Minister of State for Scientific Research in Egypt.

SVUOM, Prague

SVUOM, Prague
Prague, 1966 or 1972 ? The team of SVUOM : from left to right: Robert Bartonicek, Vladimir Cihal, Karel Barton, Milan Prazak

Société internationale d'électrochimie

SIE, Société internationale d'électrochimie
SIE, Société internationale d'électrochimie or ISE, International Society for Electrochemistry was formerly named CITCE

Professor A.R.Berkem

Professor A.R.Berkem, Istanbul 1967
Professor Berkem (Turkey) was a distinguished member of CITCE (later: International Society of Electrochemistry ISE). Here, at the 1967 CITCE meeting in Istanbul, which he organized.

YANG Xi-Zhen

YANG Xi-Zhen
Professor at the Shandong University of Technology, China, visiting CEBELCOR in 1980-1983.

Cebelcor 1961

French group at CITCE 1967, Istanbul
From left to right: Philippe Berge, André Guilhaudis, J.M.Defranoux, Marcel Pourbaix, Gabriel Valensi (CITC 1967, Istanbul)


Centre Belge d'Etude de la Corrosion
Belgian Centre for Corrosion Study
Belgisch Studiecentrum voor Corrosie